guerilla marketing

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is more fun than its battlefield namesake, but the aim of the game is the same – to use a bit of lateral thinking, with unconventional tactics and unexpected moves. To surprise, create a bit of a buzz and ultimately get your target.

Only here you want to knock them out with your ingenuity rather than your guns.

At Showtime Marketing we pride ourselves on being able to tailor guerilla-marketing solutions to your particular product or event and to your target audience.

We use imagination and low-cost ways to take your brand and your message to the street. Whether it’s sticker bombing, chalk stencilling, magnet sniping, mobile billboards, buzzer covers or peer to peer promotions. You’re only limited by our imagination!

You don’t have to be a big corporation to get your creative & effective marketing to reach the masses.

 Street Posters

While street posters have traditionally been used in the music industry, in recent years we’ve seen a vast range of new industries adopting them as a marketing medium. From leading fashion brands through to financial institutions, street posters are now a widely accepted means for promoting your brand and communicating your message to a modern market.

At Showtime Marketing we understand that reaching your target audience can, at times, be challenging. With over 10 years experience on the street, we’ve acquired knowledge of a broad range of prime sites suitable for street poster campaigns Australia wide.

street stenciling

Street Stenciling (Chalk & Reverse aka Clean)

It’s guerrilla marketing 101: street stencilling is creative, eye-catching and a great way to grab the attention of passers-by and communicate to a target audience. Have your message strategically and artistically stencilled in high pedestrian areas such as universities, shopping areas and transportation hubs, or in front of venues, clubs or pubs.

We offer 2 options for Stencils: Chalk or Reverse aka Clean.


Our expert street stencillers use only powder chalk. We do not use any harsh chemicals or fixative sprays. An average street stencil is A2 in size. Street stencils can last anywhere from 3 to 14 days depending on the location, weather, traffic conditions, etc.

reverse stencils

Reverse (Clean) Stencils

Reverse graffiti involves using a stencil and a pressure washer to “clean” a message into a sidewalk or other concrete surface. The pressure washer lifts the grime of long-ignored sidewalks away where the stencil is cut out. The result is a unique, environmentally friendly, non-permanent design left on the sidewalk.

Reverse graffiti is an extremely effective marketing that catches the eyes of the passersby. Temporary or semi-permanent art piece that fades as the wall becomes dirty again.
Our street stencilling promotions and campaigns are available Australia Wide.

peer to peerPeer to Peer

Peer to peer activations is extremely effective. Our promo staff will engage with your target demographic at like minded events and at shopping centres, beaches or universities. We can also carry out data collection on the night of your event, talking with the crowd promoting other events, filling out surveys and collecting email addresses for your database.

brand marketing

Brand Marketing

We know that brand marketing is critical to the success of any business. How your organization is regarded by the public, whether it be in the finance sector, retailing, entertainment or even government, is largely dependent on the message you send out about yourself.

We can help you to develop your brand identity, whether it’s through packaging design, product naming, marketing and promotions, web presence or signage.

driven media

Driven Media aka Vehicle Wraps / Mobile Billboards

Digitally Printed graphics are the best way to get your brand noticed on the road, We have a team of graphic designers that can tailor a custom design for your business.

Whether its a corporate fleet or a tradies ute or truck,  your vehicle will become a moving sign that will result in instant exposure and talkability.

billboard on crown street surry hills

Billboard on Crown St Surry Hills

Billboards are the most common form of outdoor advertising. Large and prominently placed, we are continually thinking of new and innovative ways to use them to grab the attention and imagination of their target audience.

traffic light button advertising

Traffic Light Button Advertising (TLB)

Relatively a new concept this a great advertising tool to compliment your Out Of home media mix e.g. chalk stencils, street posters etc. They catch people in high dwell locations and captures your audiences attention, the shapes are customisable and the message is strong and bold on the front and side.

sand sculptures

Sand sculptors

Sand sculpture advertising is a 3-dimensional, eco-friendly advertising option. Sky is the limit with this beach marketing media option.




Imagine your logo sitting outside the hottest locations night after night. A fleet of mobile billboards extending your brand wherever they go. This is Pedicab Advertising.

instore posters

Instore Posters / Cafe Posters and In-Store Flyer Distribution

In-store posters are a great, effective way of promoting an event, product or service. Particularly suited to cafes, restaurants and universities, in-store posters are also increasingly showing up in retail stores. Showtime Marketing is able to obtain the maximum exposure via in-store posters due to our massive nationwide coverage. Your campaign is guaranteed longevity, maximum exposure and value.

Flyers, stickers, booklets and mini-magazines are strategically placed in small bundles on store counters, in cafes, at music venues, in universities or even libraries. It’s the smartest, quickest way to communicate directly with your target audience

People see them as they order their coffee, or are at the checkout, buying a drink in a club, etc. and are instantly familiarized with your event, product or campaign.

The advantage of flyers is that they are small enough for the customer to pop in their pocket or bag and big enough to get your message out.



coffee cup advertising

Coffee Cup Advertising

Highly targeted OOH advertising engages the consumer at a more personal level, We deliver highly targeted and engaging coffee cup advertising campaigns through their exclusive national network of premium CBD cafes.

We only use quality made cups, 8 oz. Double Walled, Industry Standard.


bar coasters

Bar Coasters / Bar Runner Advertising

Catch customers eyes as they unwind over a beverage. Through our custom distribution network, we’ll make sure to place your message directly in front of customers, Most commonly, they’re used in brewpubs, breweries, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Coasters are practical, inexpensive, and when placed properly, can be largely eye-catching for your target audience. Imprinted merchandise such as drink coasters have one of the lowest cost-per-impression investments when compared with other methods. Your customers will see your message or logo every time they pick up their drink.

We print and distribute bar coasters nationwide.


sticker bombing

Sticker Bombing / Static Cling

Sticker bombing is a great low-budget way to get people talking and create a buzz. Targeting anywhere that’s high-visibility on the street.

Static Clings are used for in-venue and in-store locations on mirrors and windows.

poster printing and distribution

Poster Printing and Poster Distribution

Showtime Marketing offers poster printing for a wide variety of uses. Whether you want to advertise an upcoming event or promote a special offer, we can create an eye-catching way for you to stand out from the crowd and get your message across.

We offer poster printing of any size from A3 to large-format. We can tailor our posters to your specifications and requirements. Yes! We can do high-definition colour on paper, glossy stock, or vinyl.

If your aim is to be the biggest fish in the pond, Showtime Marketing knows how to make a huge splash.

Our full-colour large-format posters can be used indoors in retail outlets, showrooms, cafes and at product launches.

And best of all, we do our printing on-site so we can cater for your last minute printing needs and cut out that middle man.

Distribution :

Effective poster distribution is a critical part of your marketing campaign, and coverage and security is key. Showtime Marketing is able to offer hundreds of sites for large format posters in prime high traffic locations. Our in-store distribution covers Sydney and surrounding suburbs, as well as regional.

Importantly, we are able to ensure that your posters are professionally presented in secure, high-visibility and high-traffic sites.

All boards, window and wall sites are maintained regularly by our staff to ensure your posters remain secure, undamaged and clearly visible.







Street Marketing

Street marketing is a subset of Guerrilla marketing.

Like Guerrilla marketing, street marketing has the characteristic of being non conventional.

Street marketing is a term used to refer to certain marketing techniques used to promote products or services in an unconventional way in public places. Unlike typical public marketing campaigns that utilize billboards, street marketing involves the application of multiple techniques and practices in order to establish direct contact with the customers. The main goal of street marketing is to get people to remember brands in a different way. We offer a wide range of street marketing ideas.

Why we are the leading Street marketing, Branding and Guerilla advertising agency