Zanerobe Vertical Leap Challenge

How high can you jump? What do you think, half a meter, a metre? Showtime Marketing has just finished up a campaign and an interactive billboard competition for Zanerobe Rec, the Gen.02 collection.

The Vertical leap campaign where people passing by were invited to take a sticker, write their email or instagram handle on it, then film yourself leaping as high as you can to slap your sticker on a wall as high as you could. Post your video on instagram and tag @zaneroberec #allday. The prize on offer was the entire collection of the new range. The winner, @jon_letele with legs like a kangaroo and the agility of a ninja reached to get their sticker up to an astonishing 3.3m off the ground!

For this campaign we utilised our site on Oxford st Paddington in Sydney with a 3m high x 5m wide Custom print billboard, 500 stickers and dispenser. The campaign lasted 8 days with over 100 people choosing to interact with the campaign and more joining in on social media.

ZanerobeRec1 18251.jpg