Showtime Marketing <3 Denim CoLAB

Showtime Marketing is proud to launch the debut street poster campaign for Denim CoLAB, an Australian born-and-raised denim label. Denim CoLAB showcases an ongoing program to build and design collaborations with a wealth of Aussie artists to create sleek and cool designs for their highly influential denim range. The most recent collaborations feature contemporary artists Brooklyn Whelan and photographer Sylve Colless.

Our first Denim CoLAB campaign consists of a range of street posters across our diverse and unparalleled street poster network in the hearts of the Sydney CBD and Bondi. The street poster campaign features Denim CoLAB’s recently-released Saltwater & Song collection.

Brooklyn Whelan is infamous for his counter-cultural street art. Coming from a background of skateboarding, snowboarding and graffiti and developing these talents into a penchant for fine art, Brooklyn has established an extraordinary portfolio, recently unveiling his “New Works” body of work at the Chin Chin Art Series. His art can be best described as a fusion of contrasting gentlemanly style and hip hop-inspired vibes. His approach to denim design with Denim CoLAB is practical – as a man of crafts, he was inspired to create form-fitting, durable jeans heavily influenced by Japanese raw denim.

Also collaborating is renowned Australian fashion photographer Sylve Colless, with her tomboyish and utilitarian designs. Hailing from rural Bellingen, Colless’ photographic style incorporates a raw and candid sense of style, juxtaposed with refined composition. Her signature bespoke limited edition utility jacket at Denim CoLAB is a powerful exemplification of these ideals, with a deliberately angular, masculine aesthetic.

Denim CoLAB’s retail concept store can be found in Westfield Sydney or online at