Pokemon Go! – Augmented Reality and the Future of Showtime Marketing

Most of the people reading this post will have heard of Pokemon Go – the Augmented Reality mobile app that was launched two days ago. Nintendo as a video game developer, and the advertising industry in general has toyed with AR for close to a decade now, but never as seriously or as successfully as the Pokemon Company has.

The goal of the Pokemon Go experiment was to encourage a more social, active and outdoor gaming lifestyle, as well as a more casual approach to gaming to encourage people of all ages and skill levels to participate.

The result – in two days, Pokemon Go has become so beloved by the millenial generations and beyond that Nintendo’s market share has surged by $10 billion as of this morning. Not only that, but the game isn’t even out in Europe yet.

So what does this mean for Showtime Marketing? Well, quite simply Pokemon Go has confirmed that Augmented Reality is strongly looking to be the next step of outdoor marketing activations. We have already been experimenting with launching AR-driven activations across Australia, and a few awesome ideas to blend our current range of talents with AR that we will be proud to announce soon.

So watch this space – more exciting content coming soon!