Guess Who?

Showtime Marketing are excited to work with Married at First Sight again, promoting their reality TV show and social experiment where couples are matched by experts and then married….

Our goal was to target the most high-traffic locations in the heart of each city across the country to create maximum exposure.

We implemented a “monster street poster” campaign, each poster was 2.8 metres high x 2 metres wide, demanding absolute attention across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. 

To put icing on the cake Channel Nine have re-created “Guess Who” board game with their MAFS couples as the identities…What next for this show that keeps pushing the boundaries.

This street poster campaign has given the TV show national exposure and brand awareness, resulting in a huge TV audience of 820,000 viewers, which was a significant 15,000 more viewers than season three in 2016.

You can catch all the Married At First Sight on