Everything Will Be pOKè – Showtime <3 Fishbowl Pokè Bar

Showtime Marketing is excited to participate in the opening of an exciting new Bondi restaurant, Fishbowl Pokè Bar.

A sushi-styled cuisine originating in Hawaiian culture, Pokè has taken the world by storm after being adopted by the trends of Los Angeles, CA. And now, Pokè is coming to Bondi Beach with sashimi and fish bowls, packed with a range of mouth-watering garnishes, dressings, salads and toppings.

Fishbowl’s major innovation, however, is the ‘Build-A-Bowl’ menu, a simple but deceptively diverse way to create the flavours you want with an almost endless range of toppings, bases, fish and sauces.

Showtime Marketing was brought in to bring the vision of Fishbowl to life with a guerilla street poster campaign in the heart of Bondi. We introduced our own flavour to the Pokè Bar as well, augmenting the restaurant interior with decals and posters amidst their LA-inspired neon aesthetic.

Fishbowl Pokè Bar is located at The Pacific Bondi Beach and is open from 11AM to 7PM daily.